Record Store Day 2017 is here!

Record Store Day is almost here! Rejoice!…..Goodbye to paychecks everywhere! April 22nd is the day! It is like a holiday to music lovers everywhere and especially to vinyl lovers and collectors, AND it comes twice a year….that’s right…. two times. I cannot think of another holiday like that, can you? For those of you who have been living under a rock all your lives, Record Store Day is a special day twice a year where bands, labels, and other artists may release exclusive vinyl releases for either new music, remastered albums, or other random music. The main day is usually somewhere in the middle or late of April but there is also an “RSD” on Black Friday.  Most of these releases are limited in number and are only released on these days and each Record Store day has a whole new list of releases. It has been going on for about 10 years I believe and has become been more and more popular each year with the resurgence of vinyl in popular culture.

For the returning RSD-ers, it is a whole process of planning and jumping up and down in your office chairs as you start on the first phase of this holiday called, THE LIST. This list is put out by Record Store Day roughly one month before the fateful day to let everyone know what will be released. Let the sleepless nights begin. Personally, I have perfected this phase from year to year. I start by just going through the list once, writing down everything that catches my eye. After that is done, and new to this year, I make a Google doc, organizing my wish list into categories such as “Must have” or “12 inch” so I am ready to go on that day. The next phase is to go through the list probably once a week until RSD just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Phase 3 begins on Record Store Day Eve when you make your final preparations for the next day, including laying out your best sweatpants and sweatshirt for the morning trek. Finally, the day is here. You wake up half asleep at the crack of dawn, with only one thing on your mind: Sweat clothes, beanie, car keys, and you’re out the door. You arrive at Newbury Comics, or wherever you go and the wait begins. I usually get there at least one hour before the store opens. I have been able to be the 3rd or 4th in line the last couple years. You could be the biggest coffee drinker in the world but on Record Store Day, coffee is the last thing on your mind.

7:58 hits and you start to stand up from an hour of sitting and waiting, still half asleep, but a quiet adrenaline starts flowing through your body. That door will open any minute. Then… go! And the organized ciaos begins. You whip out your phone and get the list up. People are literally selling releases in the store to other RSD-ers before they go and actually buy it from the store itself. From there, you are literally just grabbing without thinking. Anything that looks familiar, you grab. Personally, after I grab everything, I go to a quiet place in the store and sort through it. This month-long preparation comes to an end when you take a deep breath, take a quick look at your bank account on your phone and you complete this crazy day with a step up to the register and watch your paycheck quickly disappear but you could not be more happy and content with the world. It is like Christmas morning but the good Christmas morning, back when you were 8 and still believed in Santa Clause. But wait!….The day is not over. After I grab everything I really want, I typically visit other local establishments such as Bullmoose or another Newbury Comics to grab the bottom feeders of the list. After all this is done, it is still not even lunch time so there is only one thing to do, go back home, sit back and dig through your collection from the morning.

I think Record Store Day is so popular within the music collection community because of this process. It is fun to go through the list, mark your favorites, plan with a friend to get up early and head out RSD morning and then get home and enjoy what you love, music. It still seems like this little club that you belong to and can share with others. It is the thrill of the chase and the adrenaline that fills you up on that day that makes it exciting. Go out and start making our own tradition on Record Store Day!

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