Rival Sons conquer the Paradise!

So let’s get the obvious over with….the poet they had on tour with them, not a great idea in my opinion. A little bit of a buzz kill. I guess I just did not “get it.”

Now let’s get into the good stuff!

Two nights ago, May 17th, I went to the Paradise Rock Club to see one of my favorite bands, Rival Sons. As we walk up to the venue and get in line, it was a very expected atmosphere. The people here, well….most of the people, really love good music and good bands. Right down the line, I am seeing Zeppelin t-shirts (like mine), Sabbath shirts, etc. Age groups ranging from teens to 50s and older. Ponytails, long beards, etc. The perfect atmosphere for the show. Next, we make our way through the line and into the venue. We then find a good place to stand and the waiting begins…While we wait, they really did a great job with hiring a DJ of sorts to spin old 45s on the house speakers instead of the generic music. This idea was genius in my book. Then, we wait…

The Rival Son’s lead singer, Jay Buchanan, comes out and introduces the first band, The London Souls. As soon as these guys start, they are amazing. The just tear up the stage with a sound that has the soul and groove similar to Gary Clark Jr but the distortion, heaviness, and excitement of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and it is only a two person band made up of drums and guitar. They rock the house, a perfect opening band for the Rival Sons. Watching them and hearing the sound they make between the two of them gives me hope for the future and for the music they make which is hard to find these days. I loved them so much that I bought one of their records at the show since I knew the money was going to go directly too them instead of buying it off iTunes or Newbury Comics.

Then there was a poet, enough said.

Now, the anticipation is really building especially after the “poet.” Finally, the lights dim and the stage is then hinted with a small amount of red light. We start hearing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly theme. It was a perfect opening to the band! Finally Rival Sons come out and just completely obliterate the crowd. I totally lost it when they came out. There music is so powerful that I just immediately got in the zone and had this big release of anticipation and stress. It was something I have never experienced before at a concert. I couldn’t control myself. It was as if the sound just completely hit me across the face and flew right through me. I was in my own world. It is weird to say it but it was almost cleansing in a way, mentally, and it felt like I was releasing stress that I had built up in the last couple weeks. It was definitely a unique experience. They just tore through the first 3-4 songs with such a powerful sound, it made the little Paradise feel like Gillette Stadium. In my opinion, it takes a very gifted band to make a sound like that and make you feel a certain when you see them live. It was exactly what I needed.

Rival Sons are on a special path. I don’t think that path is to become the biggest band ever but instead it is a path the leads to making music that lets people feel a release of some kind. I came to this realization the other night at the Paradise. It was a special concert as well for me, mentally. Apart from the times I spend with my family and the moments that I have with and the love I have for my girlfriend, music moments like the one I had during the first couple songs are moments that I don’t believe I could ever have with my job or my friends or a moment like getting a new car or house. It hits you much deeper and it very emotional, at least for me. It is something you would not expect to happen at a concert.

That pretty much sums up the Rival Sons show. It was a personally emotional but extremely fun night. Above all else, the music was incredible and made you feel the way you should truly feel at a live rock ‘n’ roll show. I can’t wait to see them again.











Featured Image from: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/rival-sons-interview-how-the-blues-rockers-have-forged-their-own-path-to-fame-10123483.html

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